Julius Caesar :   Act 5, Scene 2

      Alarum. Enter BRUTUS and MESSALA.   Alarum call to battle
      Ride, ride, Messala, ride, and give these bills      bills written orders
      Unto the legions on the other side.   the other side i.e., Cassius' wing
      Loud alarum.   
      Let them set on at once; for I perceive   set on attack
      But cold demeanor in Octavio's wing,   cold demeanor lack of fighting spirit | Octavio's Octavius's
5.2.5      And sudden push gives them the overthrow.   sudden . . . overthrow a quick attack will defeat them
      Ride, ride, Messala: let them all come down.   let them all come down (Brutus' reserves are in the hills above
    Philippi; he is risking everything in hopes of quick victory.)