As You Like It Search Engine


A NOTE ABOUT A LIMITATION OF THIS SEARCH ENGINE: This search engine, provided free by Google, is a bit lazy; it will provide only one citation per search term per page. For example, if you search on "sight" the search engine will return links to the 12 different pages in which the word occurs, but cite only one occurrence per page, even though there may be many occurrences of "sight" in a single page. In the case of Act 3, Scene 5, Google cites the following line, "Whose heart the accustom'd sight of death makes hard," not the much more famous line, "Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?" If you are looking for a particular passage and can accurately remember a phrase (even a two-word phrase) of that passage, search on the phrase, in quotation marks; for example, searching on "first sight" (in quotation marks) will produce a citation of "Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?"