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To Strut and Fret Upon the Stage: Theatrical Interpretation of Sources for Macbeth"
Visited:  17 February 2003

Thesis: "In this paper, I plan to examine Shakespeare's primary source materials for Macbeth, including extracts from Raphael Holinshed's historical works, in light of their suggestions for practical production."

Joseph Lockett, the author, has played Banquo, and the heart of his essay is the story of how reading Holinshed helped him understand Banquo as a complex human being. He writes, "My first concept for the character was that of a serious, forthright, virtuous, slightly 'stuck-up' Scottish noble who eschewed flattery." After reading Holinshed's account of the historical Banquo as Macbeth's co-conspirator, Lockett understood that Shakespeare's Banquo can be virtuous, but still hope to profit from Macbeth's crime.

Bottom Line: Fairly interesting.

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   Author: Philip Weller
   Last Modified: 13 December 2003