James I, King of Great Britain. Dæmonologie.
Edinburgh: Robert Walde-grave, 1597. Ed. G.B. Harrison. London: John Lane, 1924.

These Witches on the other parte, being intised
ether for the desire of reuenge, or of worldly riches,
their whole practises are either to hurte men and
their gudes, or what they possesse, for satisfying of
their cruell mindes in the former, or else by the
wracke in quhatsoeuer sorte, of anie whome God
will permitte them to haue power off, to satisfie
their greedie desire in the last poynt.
   EPI. In two partes their actiones may be diui-
ded; the actiones of their owne persones, and the
actiones proceeding from them towardes anie o-
ther. And this diuision being wel vnderstood, will
easilie resolue you, what is possible to them to doe.
For although all that they confesse is no lie vpon
their parte, yet doubtlesly in my opinion, a part of
it is not indeede, according as they take it to be:
And in this I meane by the actiones of their owne
persones. For as I said before, speaking of Magie
that the Deuill illudes* the senses of these schollers
of his, in manie thinges, so saye I the like of these
   PHI. Then I pray you, first to speake of that part
of their owne persons, and syne ye may come next
to their actiones towardes others.
   EPI. To the effect that they may performe such
seruices of their false Master, as he employes them
in, the deuill as Gods Ape, counterfeites in his ser-
uantes this seruice & forme of adoration, that God
prescribed and made his seruantes to practise, For
as the seruants of G O D, publicklie vses to con-
veene for seruing of him, so makes he them in great