James I, King of Great Britain. Dæmonologie.
Edinburgh: Robert Walde-grave, 1597. Ed. G.B. Harrison. London: John Lane, 1924.

What are the waies possible,wherby the witches may trans-
port themselues to places far distant. And what ar impos-
sible & mere illusiones of sathan. And the reasons therof.

BVt by what way say they or think ye it possible
that they can com to these vnlawful cõuentiõs?*
   EPI. There is the thing which I esteeme their sen-
ses to be deluded in, and though they lye not in
confessing of it, because they thinke it to be true,
yet not to be so in substance or effect: for they saie,
that by diuerse meanes they may conueene, either
to the adoring of their Master, or to the putting in
practise any seruice of his, committed vnto their
charge: one way is natural, which is natural riding,
going or sayling, at what houre their Master comes
and aduertises* them. And this way may be easelie
beleued: an other way is some-what more strange:
and yet is it possible to be true: which is by being
carryed by the force of the Spirite which is their
conducter, either aboue the earth or aboue the Sea
swiftlie, to the place where they are to meet: which
I am perswaded to be likewaies possible, in respect
that as Habakkuk was carryed by the Angell in that
forme, to the denne where Daniell laie; so thinke I,
the Deuill will be reddie to imitate God, as well in
that as in other thinges: which is much more possi-
ble to him to doe, being a Spirite, then to a mighty
winde, being but a naturall meteore, to transporte
from one place to an other a solide bodie, as is com-
monlie and dailie seene in practise: But in this vio-