Reginald Scot, The Discoverie of Witchcraft (London: William Brome, 1584. Great Britain: John Rodker, 1930) 2.

  BOOKE I.                              The Discoverie                               Credulities
Psal. 25.      But certeinlie, it is neither a witch, nor divell, but a glorious God that maketh
Psal. 83. the thunder. I have read in the scriptures, that God maketh the blustering
Eccles. 43. tempests and whirlewinds: and I find that it is the Lord that altogither dealeth
Luke. 8. with them, and that they blowe according to his will. But let me see anie of
Matth. 8. them all rebuke and still the sea in time of tempest, as Christ did; or raise the
Mark. 4, 41. stormie wind, as God did with his word; and I will beleeve in them. Hath anie
Luke. 8, 14. witch or conjurer, or anie creature entred into the treasures of the snowe; or
Psal. 170. seene the secret places of the haile, which GOD hath prepared against the daie
Job. 38, 22. of trouble, battell, and warre? I for my part also thinke with Jesus Sirach, that
Eccles. 43. at Gods onelie commandement the snowe falleth; and that the wind bloweth
Leviti. 26. according to his will, who onelie maketh all stormes to cease; and who (if we
  keepe his ordinances) will send us raine in due season, and make the land to
  bring forth hir increase, and the trees of the field to give their fruit.
Paul. 78, 23.      But little thinke our witchmongers, that the Lord commandeth the clouds
  above, or openeth the doores of heaven, as David affirmeth; or that the Lord
Nahum. 1. goeth forth in the tempests and stormes, as the Prophet Nahum reporteth: but
  rather that witches and conjurers are then about their businesse.
       The Martionists acknowledged one God the authour of good things, and
  another the ordeiner of evill: but these make the divell a whole god, to create
  things of nothing, to knowe mens cogitations, and to doo that which God never
  did; as, to transubstantiate men into beasts, &c. Which thing if divels could
  doo, yet followeth it not, that witches have such power. But if all the divels in
  hell were dead, and all the witches in England burnt or hanged; I warrant you
  we should not faile to have raine, haile and tempests, as now we have: according
  to the appointment and will of God, and according to the constitution of the
  elements, and the course of the planets, wherein God hath set a perfect and
  perpetuall order.
       I am also well assured, that if all the old women in the world were witches;
  and all the priests, conjurers: we should not have a drop of raine, nor a blast of
Job. 26, 8. wind the more or the lesse for them. For the Lord hath bound the waters in
Job. 37. the clouds, and hath set bounds about the waters, untill the daie and night come
Psalme. 135 to an end: yea it is God that raiseth the winds and stilleth them: and he saith to
Jer. 10 & 15. the raine and snowe; Be upon the earth, and it falleth. The wind of the Lord,
Ose. 13. and not the wind of witches, shall destroie the treasures of their plesant vessels,
Psa. 39, &c. and drie up the fountaines; saith Oseas. Let us also learne and confesse with the
  Prophet David, that we our selves are the causes of our afflictions; and not
  exclaime upon witches, when we should call upon God for mercie.
In epist. ad      The Imperiall lawe (saith Brentius) condemneth them to death that trouble
Jo. Wierum. and infect the aire: but I affirme (saith he) that it is neither in the power of
  witch not divell so to doo, but in God onelie. Though (besides Bodin, and all
  the popish writers in generall) it please Daænus, Hyberius, Hemingius, Erastus, &c.
Exod. 13. to conclude otherwise. The clouds are called the pillers of Gods tents, Gods
Isai. 66. chariots, and his pavillions. And if it be so, what witch or divell can make
Ps. 18, 11. 19. maisteries therof? S. Augustine saith, Non est putandum istis transgressoribus angelis
August. 3. de servire hanc rerum visibilium materiem, sed soli Deo: We must not thinke that these
sancta Trinit. visible things are at the commandement of the angels that fell, but are obedient
  to the onelie God.
       Finallie, if witches could accomplish these things; what needed it seeme so
Mar. 4, 41. strange to the people, when Christ by miracle commanded both seas and winds,
  &c. For it is written; Who is this? for both wind and sea obeie him.