Detailed Summary of Othello, Act 2, Scene 2

Enter a Herald with a proclamation; People following:
The herald proclaims, "It is Othello's pleasure, our noble and valiant general, that, upon certain tidings now arrived, importing the mere perdition of the Turkish fleet, every man put himself into triumph" (2.2.1-4). He goes on to say that the people have permission to dance, make bonfires, feast, and have a good party. However, there's a definite limit to the festivities. It is now five o'clock in the afternoon, and the party is to end promptly at eleven o'clock at night. The herald concludes with a blessing on Cyprus and Othello, and everyone goes off to begin the party.

In the previous scene we saw that Montano and the other gentlemen of Cyprus are very glad to have Othello as their governor, and now the people of Cyprus are celebrating. With Brabantio's hostility left behind in Venice, Othello and Desdemona could have a happy life together on Cyprus. However, because of Iago's plot they will have only one night of love -- this one.