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Friar John

After giving Juliet the vial of potion which she will take so that she will appear to be dead, Friar Laurence says to her,"get you gone, be strong and prosperous / In this resolve: I'll send a friar with speed / To Mantua, with my letters to thy lord" (4.1.122-124). By "thy lord," Friar Laurence means Juliet's new husband, Romeo. The "friar" who Friar Laurence mentions turns out to be Friar John.  [Scene Summary]

Friar John calls at the door of Friar Laurence's cell, "Holy Franciscan friar! brother, ho!" (5.2.1). Friar Laurence comes out and immediately asks about Romeo: "Welcome from Mantua! What says Romeo? / Or, if his mind be writ, give me his letter" (5.2.3-4). Friar John explains that he sought out another friar for company and found him in a house where he was visiting the sick, whereupon the health authorities, fearing there was pestilence in the house, confined both friars in the house so they wouldn't infect others. The authorities wouldn't even allow Friar John to use a messenger to send the letter back to Friar Laurence.  [Scene Summary]