Harris, Julie. "Foreward to Romeo and Juliet."
The Guild Shakespeare. Vol. 2. New York: GuildAmerica Books, 1989. vi-x. Rptd. in Romeo and Juliet: Critical Essays. Ed. John F. Andrews. New York: Garland, 1993. 183-185.

Thesis: This brief piece is mostly about all the help Harris got from her friends when she played Juliet. The only thing of interest she has to say about the play is the following:

In the final scene, when Juliet wakes in the tomb to find Romeo dead, she holds Romeo for the last time, kisses him, and says "Thy lips are warm!" Miss Hew told me that when Ellen Terry spoke those words she whispered them; they went right to your heart as you realized that if Juliet had woken a few moments earlier she would have found her Romeo alive. In the old Italian legend, she does wake before Romeo dies -- but he has already drunk the poison, and so there is between them the terror that Romeo knows that he must die and Juliet must witness her lover's death!   (184)

Bottom Line: Julie Harris appears to be a nice lady.