Newman, Paula, and George Walton Williams. "Paris: The
Mirror of Romeo." Renaissance Papers 1981. Ed. A. Leigh Deneef and M. Thomas Hester. Raleigh, North Carolina: Southeastern Renaissance Conference, 1982. 13-19.

Thesis: The authors claim that "Paris serves . . . as a mirror in which are reflected, at first, Romeo's impetuous youth and, later, Romeo's despairing maturity" (13). This sounds promising, but the essay doesn't follow through. There's a lot of detail about parallels between Romeo and Paris, but nothing about what the figure of Paris might tell us about "Romeo's impetuous youth" or his "despairing maturity." Also, many of the supposed parallels seem somewhat trivial, such as the fact that they are both described by the term "youth."

Bottom Line: The topic might yield something worthwhile, but you won't find it in this essay.