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Second Capulet

At Capulet's feast, as the dancing begins, Capulet asks Second Capulet how long it has been since the two of them wore masks and flirted with ladies. Second Capulet answers, "By'r lady, thirty years" (1.5.33), but Capulet claims that it can't be more than twenty-five years since they wore masks at the wedding of someone named Lucentio. To this, Second Capulet says, "'Tis more, 'tis more, his [Lucentio's] son is elder, sir; / His son is thirty (1.5.38-39). The two old men continue this discussion, but the focus of the scene shifts to Romeo at the moment he first sees Juliet.

This is all that Second Capulet has to say, and this is his only appearance in the play. [Scene Summary]