Notes on the notes:

1-2. There be some sports are painful, and their labor / Delight in them sets off: Some pastimes are laborious, but the pleasure we got from them compensates for the effort.

2. baseness: menial activity.

3. undergone: undertaken. most poor: poorest.

4. mean: lowly.

5. but: were it not that.

6. quickens: brings to life.

11. sore injunction: harsh command.

13. Had never like executor: was never before undertaken by so noble a being. I forget: i.e., I forget that I'm supposed to be working.

15. Most busy lest, when I do it: when I am working hardest.

17. enjoin'd: commanded.

18. this: i.e., the log.

19. weep: i.e., exude resin.

21. these: the next.

22. discharge: complete.

32. visitation: (1) visit; (2) attack of the plague; i.e., infection of love.

34. by: nearby.

37. hest: command. Admired Miranda: A pun since her name means "to be admired or wondered at."

39. dearest: most treasured.

40. best regard: highest approval.

42. diligent: attentive. several: various (also in line 43).

45. ow'd: owned.

46. foil: (1) contrast; (2) defeat.

48. Of: out of.

52. how features are abroad: what people look like in other places.

53. skilless: ignorant. modesty: virginity.

57. like of: to be pleased with, be fond of.

58. Something: Somewhat.

59. condition: rank.

61. I would: I wish it were.

62. wooden slavery: being compelled to carry wood.

63. flesh-fly: flying insects. blow: defile.

69. kind event: favorable outcome.

70. hollowly: insincerely. invert: turn.

71. boded: in store for. mischief: harm.

72. what: whatever.

79. want: through lacking.

81. bashful cunning: coyness.

84. maid: handmaiden, servant. fellow: mate.

86. will: desire it. My mistress: i.e., The woman I adore and serve.

88. willing: desirous.

91. A thousand thousand: A thousand thousand farewells.

93. withal: by it.

96. appertaining: related to this.