Notes on the notes:

2. then: i.e., if you wait. (Addressed to Worcester, not Hotspur.)

3. supply: reinforcements.

10. well-respected: well weighed or considered (in contrast to Hotspur's bravado).

11. I hold as little counsel: I have as little to do.

17. leading: leadership.

19. expedition: (speedy) progress. horse: cavalry.

22. pride and mettle: spirit.

26. journey-bated: weary from travel.

28. our: our number.

**. parley: trumpet call sounded to request a conference.

31. respect: attention.

33. of our determination: i.e., on our side in the fight.

34. even those some: those same persons.

35. Envy: begrudge.

36.Because: only because. quality: party.

38. defend: forbid. still: always.

39. limit and true rule: i.e., the bounds of honest conduct.

41. charge: commission.

44. griefs: grievances.

45. If that: If.

51. suggestion: instigation, (evil) prompting.

58. unminded: disregarded.

62. To sue his livery and beg his peace: to petition to take possession of his rightful inheritance and be reconciled with King Richard II.

63. terms of zeal: i.e., declarations of loyalty.

65. perform'd it: i.e., fulfilled his oath.

68. The more and less came in with cap and knee: persons of all ranks came to him with cap in hand and with bended knee; i.e., deferentially.

70. Attended: waited for. stood in lanes: stood row-deep along the roads.

72. Gave him their heirs, as pages: i.e., brought him their heirs to serve as pages and also as hostages to the fathers' loyalty.

73. golden: (1) auspicious, celebrating; (2) majestically attired, resplendent.

74. knows itself: comes to recognize its power.

75. Steps me: i.e., steps. (Me is used colloquially.) vow: i.e., Bolingbroke's vow to seek no more than his inheritance.

76. while his blood was poor: i.e., while Bolingbroke's spirits were still humbled and his dynastic claim in question.

79. strait: strict.

82. face: show, pretense.

85. cut me: i.e., cut.

88. personal: in person; personally engaged.

92. in the neck of that: next, immediately thereafter. task'd: taxed.

94. if every owner were well plac'd: i.e., if every claimant occupied his proper station.

95. engag'd: held as hostage.

96. lie forfeited: remain prisoner, unclaimed, unredeemed.

97. Disgraced me: By demanding the prisoners; see 1.3.23 ff. happy: fortunate.

98. intelligence: secret information, espionage.

99. Rated: scolded.

103. head of safety: armed forces for our protection. withal: also, moreover.

104. title: i.e., to the throne.

108. impawn'd: pledged.

111. purposes: proposals.