Notes on the notes:

*. Sir Michael: Apparently unhistorical

1. brief: letter, dispatch.

2. Lord Marshal: i.e., Thomas Mowbray, third Duke of Nottingham, son of the Duke of Norfolk, Thomas Mowbray of Richard II whose quarrel with Bullingbrook led to the exile of both men. He would of course be hostile to the House of Lancaster.

3. my cousin Scroop: Perhaps the Scroop (presumably Sir Stephan) of Richard II, 3.2.91 ff. or Lord Scroop of Masham of Henry V, 2.2.

7. Like: Likely.

10. bide the touch: withstand the test (as when gold is tested by the touchstone).

15. in the first proportion: of the largest size; i.e., larger than that of his associates.

17. rated sinew: main strength or support reckoned upon; i.e., a force on which they thought they could rely.

20. wage: risk. instant: immediate.

25. head: troop.

28. special head: notable leaders.

31. moe corrivals: more partners in the enterprise. dear: valued.

32. estimation: reputation, importance.

35. prevent: forestall.

37. he: i.e., the King. visit: i.e., attack.