"Think'st Thou to Seduce Me Then"


Thomas Campion

   1   Think'st thou to seduce me then with words that have no meaning?
our speech by pieces gleaning: i.e., picking up bits and pieces of what they hear us say.
   2   Parrots so can learn to prate, our speech by pieces gleaning:
   3   Nurses teach their children so about the time of weaning.

   4   Learn to speak first, then to woo: to wooing much pertaineth:
   5   He that courts us, wanting art, soon falters when he feigneth,
Looks ... complaineth: i.e., takes a side glance at his script and smiles apologetically while he is describing the pains of his unrequited love.
   6   Looks asquint on his discourse and smiles when he complaineth.

   7   Skilful anglers hide their hooks, fit baits for every season;
   8   But with crooked pins fish thou, as babes do that want reason:
Gudgeons: small fish used as bait to catch better fish.
   9   Gudgeons only can be caught with such poor tricks of treason.

Ruth ... compassion: Pity forgive me if I strayed from the compassion that should be in every human heart.
  10   Ruth forgive me if I erred from human heart's compassion,
  11   When I laughed sometimes too much to see thy foolish fashion:
  12   But alas, who less could do that found so good occasion?