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Twelfth Night Scene Index

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If music be the food of love, play on
ACT 1, Scene 1:
Enter DUKE ORSINO, CURIO, and other Lords; Musicians attending (1.1.1) — Duke Orsino, hopelessly in love with the Lady Olivia, asks for music and laments his state.
Enter VALENTINE (1.1.22) — Valentine, who has been sent to the Lady Olivia to plead for Duke Orsino, returns with the news that he was refused permission to speak with her. He tells the Duke that Lady Olivia has determined to spend seven years in mourning for her dead brother. Duke Orsino is encouraged; he reasons that if she loves the memory of her brother so much, when she loves a living man she will love totally. Duke Orsino exits, going to a bower where he may meditate on love and the Lady Olivia.
ACT 1, Scene 2:
Enter VIOLA, a Captain, and Sailors (1.2.1) — Viola, shipwrecked and believing her brother may be drowned, lands on the coast of Illyria and decides to disguise herself and go into the service of Duke Orsino.
ACT 1, Scene 3:
Enter SIR TOBY BELCH and MARIA (1.3.1) — In Olivia's house, Sir Toby Belch, her kinsman, is chided by Maria, Olivia's gentlewoman (attendant), for his carousing and for encouraging the foolish Sir Andrew Aguecheek to woo Olivia.
Enter SIR ANDREW AGUECHEEK (1.3.44) — Aguecheek appears and is encouraged by Sir Toby to come on to Maria; Sir Andrew doesn't catch on. Maria mocks him, showing what a complete fool he is.
Exit MARIA (1.3.80) — Aguecheek tries to decide if he has a chance with Olivia; at first he thinks he will go home, but Sir Toby praises (ironically) his hair, and Sir Andrew decides he will stay. The scene ends with Sir Andrew demonstrating his skill in dancing.
ACT 1, Scene 4:
Enter VALENTINE and VIOLA in man's attire (1.4.1) — Valentine, servant of Duke Orsino, tells Cesario (Viola in disguise) that Orsino holds him ("Cesario") in high esteem.
Enter DUKE ORSINO, CURIO, and Attendants (1.4.10) — Orsino sends Cesario (Viola in disguise) to woo Olivia on Orsino's behalf. Viola, in an aside, says wooing Olivia is going to be hard for her because she (Viola) wants to marry Orsino herself.
ACT 1, Scene 5:
Enter MARIA and Clown (1.5.1) — Maria chides the Clown for his absence, and they trade witticisms.
Exit MARIA (1.5.32) — The Clown calls on his wit to help him face the Lady Olivia.
Enter LADY OLIVIA with MALVOLIO (1.5.37) — The Clown gives Olivia some foolish but wise advice about her excessive mourning for her dead brother. Malvolio, Olivia's steward, disapproves of the Clown, but Olivia tells Malvolio that he's saying that because of "self-love."
Enter MARIA (1.5.100) — Maria tells Olivia that there's a young gentleman at the gate, wanting to speak with her. Olivia asks who's holding up the young gentleman. Maria tells her it's Sir Toby. Olivia sends Maria to call off Sir Toby.
Exit MARIA (1.5.109) — Olivia sends Malvolio to send away the young gentleman if he is bringing another message of love from Duke Orsino.
Enter SIR TOBY BELCH (1.5.116) — Sir Toby Belch, half-drunk, delivers the news that there's someone at the gate. Olivia asks him who it is, but all Sir Toby knows is that it's a gentleman. Olivia asks Sir Toby how he came to be drunk, but Sir Toby is too drunk to give a coherent answer, and leaves.
Exit SIR TOBY BELCH (1.5.130) — Lady Olivia and the Clown comment on drunks. She sends the Clown to look after Sir Toby.
Exit CLOWN; Enter MALVOLIO (1.5.139) — Malvolio comes with the news that the young gentleman at the gate is very persistent. Olivia asks for a description; Mavolio describes him as "between boy and man." Olivia tells Malvolio to call in the young gentleman, and to call her gentlewoman (Maria) to be with her.
Exit MALVOLIO; Enter MARIA (1.5.165) — Olivia puts on her veil and tells Maria that she'll listen once more to Duke Orsino's message of love.
Enter VIOLA (1.5.167) — Cesario (Viola in disguise), launches into high-flown praise of Lady Olivia, but then interrupts himself to ask if he's really speaking to the right lady. Once that's settled, he asks to deliver his message to Olivia alone. Cesario's manner verges on the rude, and Olivia seems to be intrigued by this young gentleman.
Exeunt MARIA and Attendants (1.5.218) — Cesario (Viola in disguise) tries to deliver Orsino's message of love, but is continually contradicted by Olivia. Cesario asks Olivia to remove her veil, so that he can see her face. Olivia does so and Cesario says that Olivia is beautiful, but also too proud to deserve Orsino's devotion. Olivia seems even more intrigued by Cesario.
Exit VIOLA (1.5.289) — Olivia realizes that she is falling in love with Cesario. She calls for Malvolio.
Enter MALVOLIO (1.5.300) — Olivia gives Malvolio a ring, telling him the lie that Cesario forced it on her. Malvolio is supposed to return the ring and deliver the message that she will never love Orsino, but that Cesario can come back and hear Olivia's reasons for not loving Orsino.
Exit MALVOLIO (1.5.308) — Olivia realizes that she has lost control of herself and is now in the hands of fate. She hopes that fate will bring her Cesario's love.
ACT 2, Scene 1:
Enter ANTONIO and SEBASTIAN (2.1.1) — Antonio pleads to be allowed to be Sebastian's servant, but Sebastian, headed towards Count Orsino's court, is determined to go it alone. In the course of their conversation we learn that Antonio has saved Sebastian's life, and that Sebastian has a twin sister who is drowned.
Exit SEBASTIAN (2.1.44) — Antonio expresses great admiration and concern for Sebastian. He decides to follow him, despite the fact that he has many enemies in Orsino's court.
ACT 2, Scene 2:
Enter VIOLA and MALVOLIO at several doors (2.2.1) — Malvolio catches up with Cesario (Viola in disguise) and tells him to take back the ring that he gave to Olivia. Cesario replies that Olivia took it willingly, and refuses to take it back, but Malvolio throws it to the ground at his feet, then leaves. (Of course, there never was a ring given to Olivia, only a ring that Olivia sent after Cesario, but Viola's lie keeps Malvolio from understanding that Olivia was lying.)
Exit MALVOLIO (2.2.17) — Now alone, Viola reflects on the love triangle that has developed: Duke Orsino is in love with the Lady Olivia, who is in love with Cesario, who is really herself, Viola, and she is in love with Duke Orsino. She says that only time will sort things out.
ACT 2, Scene 3:
Enter SIR TOBY BELCH and SIR ANDREW (2.3.1) — At Olivia's house, these two are up after midnight, drinking. They discuss whether or not they are up early or late, then decide that life consists of eating and drinking, so Sir Toby calls for Maria to bring more wine.
Enter Clown (2.3.15) — Sir Andrew and Sir Toby are glad to see the Clown, and ask for a song. After some preliminary joking around, the Clown sings a love song, "O mistress mine, where are you roaming?" Sir Toby then proposes that they all three sing a catch (round), and soon they are into a raucous rendition of "Thou Knave."
Enter MARIA (2.3.71) — Maria tells the men they are being much too loud and warns them that Lady Olivia might have already sent Malvolio, her steward, to throw them out of the house. Sir Toby is not impressed, and keeps on singing.
Enter MALVOLIO (2.3.86) — Malvolio angrily bawls out the men, and tells Sir Toby that Olivia wants him to behave himself or leave the house. Sir Toby and the Clown mock Malvolio by singing bits of old songs. Then Sir Toby again demands wine from Maria. When Malvolio sees Maria fetching wine, he gets mad at her, too. He storms out, threatening to report Maria's behavior to Olivia.
Exit MALVOLIO (2.3.125) — Maria expresses her dislike for Malvolio. Sir Andrew wants to challenge Malvolio to a duel, but Maria has a better idea. She will write an ambiguous love-letter that looks like it comes from Olivia and drop the letter where Malvolio will find it. Malvolio will think the letter is for him and make an ass of himself. Sir Andrew, Sir Toby, and the Clown will hide where they can observe Malvolio when he reads the letter. (As it turns out, it's Fabian, not the Clown, who joins Sir Toby and Sir Andrew. Also, at some unknown place in this scene, the Clown has slipped out of sight.) Sir Toby and Sir Andrew think it's an excellent plot.
Exit MARIA (2.3.177) — Sir Toby and Sir Andrew praise Maria. Sir Toby says Sir Andrew needs to get some more money. (Later in the play it turns out that Sir Toby has been conning Sir Andrew out of his money.) Sir Andrew replies that if he doesn't marry the Lady Olivia, he's going to be in bad financial shape. Sir Toby reassures Sir Andrew that he will win Lady Olivia, then says that's it's too early in the morning to go to bed. They leave to warm up some more wine.
ACT 2, Scene 4:
Enter DUKE ORSINO, VIOLA, CURIO, and others (2.4.1) — Duke Orsino asks to hear a song he heard the night before, but is told by Curio that the Clown, who was supposed to sing the song, it not present. The Duke sends Curio to find the Clown. (In this scene Curio mentions the Clown's name: Feste.)
Exit CURIO. Music plays (2.4.15) — Duke Orsino talks to Cesario (Viola in disguise) about love. The Duke says that all true lovers are, as he is, careless of everything except thoughts of their beloved. The Duke then asks if Cesario has not found someone to love. Cesario says he has, and the Duke questions him about her. Cesario says that the woman looks like the Duke and is about his age, whereupon the Duke declares that she's too old for Cesario, because the woman should always be younger than the man. This is because men's love is more "giddy and unfirm" than woman's, and if the woman is older than the man his affections might stray.
Enter CURIO and Clown (2.4.42) — Duke Orsino asks for the song and describes it as expressing innocent truth. When the Clown sings the song we find that it is the lament of one who is dying because a "fair cruel maid" will not love him. The Duke tips the Clown and dimisses him. The Clown makes a few foolish-wise remarks about the Duke's melodramatic love melancholy, then leaves.
Exit Clown (2.4.79) — The Duke sends everyone else out of earshot so that he can talk to Cesario (Viola in disguise) alone, and then gives Cesario another message to deliver to the Lady Olivia. Cesario asks what he's going to do if the lady just cannot love him. The Duke answers that he can't accept that answer. Cesario then asks what would happen if the shoe were on the other foot, if there was a woman who loved Orsino, and whom he could not love. Orsino doesn't exactly answer the question; instead, he goes on about how no woman could love as he does. Cesario replies that women's love is equal to men's. As an example of this, he tells the story of his sister, who loved a man, never told her love, and pined away. (The "sister" is fictitious. Viola, as Cesario, is speaking about what might happen to herself.) Cesario, understanding that the Duke won't give up his pursuit of Lady Olivia, asks if he should go back to her and try again; Duke Orsino says he should.
ACT 2, Scene 5:
Enter SIR TOBY BELCH, SIR ANDREW, and FABIAN (2.5.1) — Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Fabian are all looking forward to seeing the trick played on Malvolio.
Enter MARIA (2.5.13) — Maria tells the men where to hide, and throws down the forged letter where Malvolio will find it.
Exit MARIA; Enter MALVOLIO (2.5.23) — Malvolio fantasizes about being married to Olivia, especially about how he would be able to lord it over Sir Toby. When he finds the letter, he completely falls for the trick and rushes off to deck himself in yellow stockings and cross-garters, as instructed by the letter. Meanwhile, Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Fabian can hardly suppress their laughter.
Exit MALVOLIO (2.5.180) — Fabian, Sir Toby, and Sir Andrew all exclaim about what a good trick has just been played, and praise the contriver of that trick, Maria.
Enter MARIA (2.5.188) — Maria reports that the letter is working upon Malvolio like strong drink, and she predicts that it will be wonderfully laughable to see him come before Olivia in yellow stockings, cross-gartered, and smiling.
ACT 3, Scene 1:
Enter VIOLA, and Clown with a tabour (3.1.1) — Cesario (Viola in disguise) happens to encounter the Clown outside of Olivia's house. Cesario passes some time with the Clown, and gives him a tip, then gets him to go in and announce his (Cesario's) presence to Olivia.
Exit Clown (3.1.60) — Cesario (Viola in disguise) reflects on the difficulty of the job of a fool, especially how "He must observe their mood on whom he jests."
Enter SIR TOBY BELCH, and SIR ANDREW (3.1.69) — Sir Toby, with elaborate courtesy, invites Cesario (Viola in disguise) into the house, but before they can go in, Olivia and Maria come out.
Enter OLIVIA and Gentlewoman [MARIA] (3.1.84) — Cesario (Viola in disguise) requests a private interview with Olivia. Sir Andrew makes mocking remarks about Cesario's courteous language. Olivia sends away everyone except Cesario.
exeunt all but Olivia and Viola. (3.1.92) — Cesario (Viola in disguise) starts to woo Olivia on behalf of Orsino, but she interrupts him in order to make it clear that she wants him to woo her on his own behalf. He refuses her, and starts to leave; she asks him to return another time, giving the excuse that she may change her mind about Orsino.
ACT 3, Scene 2:
Enter SIR TOBY BELCH, SIR ANDREW, and FABIAN (3.2.1) — Sir Andrew is sulky because he's observed Olivia pay a lot more attention to Cesario than to him. Fabian and Sir Toby persuade Sir Andrew that Olivia is doing that on purpose, to incite him to make a bold move to capture her heart. They also persuade Sir Andrew that the bold move should be to challenge Cesario to a duel. Sir Toby promises to deliver the letter of challenge personally. Sir Andrew, inspired, stalks off to write the letter.
Exit SIR ANDREW (3.2.53) — Fabian asks Sir Toby if he'll actually deliver Sir Andrew's letter. Sir Toby replies that he will, and that a lot of fun will ensue, because both parties are cowards who couldn't be pulled into a fight with wagon-ropes. (We also learn that Sir Toby has been conning money out of Sir Andrew.)
Enter MARIA (3.2.66) — Maria enters with the news that Malvolio is now about to make an ass of himself by approaching Olivia in yellow stockings, cross-gartered, and with his face wrinkled in smiles. Sir Toby, Fabian, and Maria all run off to see the fun.
ACT 3, Scene 3:
Enter SEBASTIAN and ANTONIO (3.3.1) — Antonio has caught up with Sebastian in the streets of a town under the control of Duke Orsino. This time Sebastian has accepted Antonio's offer of friendship and help. Sebastian wants to see the sights, but Antonio has to be careful; because of something he did in a sea-fight against the forces of Duke Orsino, he is a wanted man. Antonio goes to make arrangements for their lodging and food, leaving Sebastian his purse, in case Sebastian sees any little souvenir that might strike his fancy.
ACT 3, Scene 4:
Enter OLIVIA and MARIA (3.4.1) — Speaking to herself, Olivia says she has sent a message to Cesario, telling him that he should return right away; she's wondering what she'll say, what she'll do to win his heart, if he should come back to see her. Speaking aloud, Olivia asks Maria where Malvolio is. Maria replies that Malvolio is coming, but that he looks crazy. Olivia sends Maria to fetch Malvolio.
Enter MARIA, with MALVOLIO (3.4.16) — Malvolio comes in, wearing yellow stockings, the cross-garters, and the smiles. He quotes the letter that he believes he received from Olivia, expecting her to recognize her own words, but of course she doesn't, and she thinks he is going insane.
Enter Servant (3.4.55) — A Servant brings the news that "the young gentleman of the Count is returned." Olivia hurries off to see Cesario, but she also tells Maria that Sir Toby and others should look after Malvolio, because she doesn't want him to come to harm.
Exeunt OLIVIA and MARIA (3.4.63) — Alone for a moment, Malvolio interprets everything the wrong way. He thinks that Sir Toby is being sent to look after him so that he (Malvolio) can follow the dictates of the letter and "be opposite with a kinsman." Malvolio also thinks that because Olivia referred to him as "fellow," she must be in love with him, and consider him to be her equal, not her steward.
Enter [SIR] TOBY [BELCH], FABIAN, and MARIA (3.4.84) — Maria, Sir Toby, and Fabian all tease Malvolio by pretending that they are being very gentle with one who is possessed by the devil. Malvolio denounces them and storms out.
Exit MALVOLIO (3.4.125) — Maria, Sir Toby, and Fabian exult at how well Maria's trick has worked. Sir Toby wants to extend the joke by having Malvolio bound and put in a dark room, which was the actual treatment of the time for actual lunatics. (Later, this is done to Malvolio.) Just as Sir Toby is talking about the next stage of the joke to be played on Malvolio, in walks Sir Andrew, the target of another practical joke planned by Sir Toby.
Enter SIR ANDREW (3.4.142) — Sir Andrew has come with the letter challenging Cesario. Sir Toby reads it aloud; Fabian praises it (even though it's ridiculous). Sir Toby sends Sir Andrew to wait at the corner of the garden to ambush Cesario.
Exit SIR ANDREW (3.4.182) — Sir Toby says he won't deliver the letter, because if he did, Cesario would realize that it was written by a fool and have no fear. Instead, Sir Toby will deliver the challenge personally, and portray Sir Andrew as a fearsome fighter; then he'll go back to Sir Andrew and say the same thing about Cesario. Sir Toby says that by the time the two of them get together, they'll both die of fright. The three tricksters see Olivia and Cesario coming and stand aside; as soon as Cesario is alone they'll tell him about Sir Andrew's challenge.
Enter OLIVIA and VIOLA (3.4.197) — Olivia is still trying to woo Cesario (Viola in disguise). Cesario points out that Orsino is suffering as much for Olivia as Olivia is now suffering for Cesario, but that doesn't seem to make much of an impression on Olivia. Olivia gives Cesario a locket with her picture in it and asks him to come again the next day.
Exit OLIVIA; Enter SIR TOBY BELCH and FABIAN (3.4.218) — Sir Toby tells Cesario (Viola in disguise) about Sir Andrew's challenge; Sir Toby describes Sir Andrew as a dangerous dude, careless of life or death, and not to be reasoned with. Cesario says he's no fighter, and that he'll go back to the house and ask Olivia for an escort, but Sir Toby threatens to duel with him on the spot if he tries to turn back. Cesario asks Sir Toby to return to Sir Andrew and ask why he wants to fight. So Toby goes, and Fabian keeps an eye on Cesario.
Exit SIR TOBY BELCH (3.4.260) — Cesario (Viola in disguise) asks Fabian if he knows why Sir Andrew wants to fight. Fabian—lying, of course—says that all he knows is that it's got to be a fight to the death; he adds that although Sir Andrew doesn't look like much, he is "skilful, bloody, and fatal." Then Fabian offers to try to negotiate a settlement; Cesario is grateful, and they walk away, presumably to find Sir Andrew.
Exeunt VIOLA and FABIAN; Enter SIR TOBY BELCH, with SIR ANDREW (3.4.273) — Sir Toby tells Sir Andrew that Cesario is a devil. Sir Andrew is ready to give up the duel, but Sir Toby says that it's too late for that, because Cesario is so enraged that Fabian can hardly hold him back. Sir Andrew offers to give Cesario his horse to settle the quarrel. Sir Toby says he'll make the offer, but, in an aside, indicates that he's the one who will take possession of the horse.
Enter FABIAN and VIOLA (3.4.292) — Sir Toby and Fabian pretend to negotiate with each other on behalf of Cesario (Viola in disguise) and Sir Andrew, but they're really having a lot of fun telling each other how each one has persuaded his guy that the other guy is a devil. Then Sir Toby tells Cesario (Viola in disguise) that it's too late to stop the duel; he says that since Sir Andrew has vowed to fight, he will fight, although he doesn't actually intend to hurt Cesario. Sir Toby then tells the same story to Sir Andrew, about Cesario. Finally, just as the two reluctant opponents are slowly drawing their swords, Antonio rushes onto the scene.
Enter ANTONIO (3.4.311) — Just as Cesario (Viola in disguise) and Sir Andrew are reluctantly drawing their swords, Antonio shows up and sees that his beloved young friend Sebastian is in danger. (We know, of course that he is seeing Viola, whose disguise makes her look exactly like her twin brother Sebastian. — Please do not ask reasonable questions about how they could be wearing identical clothing.) Antonio proclaims that he will fight any fight for the "young gentleman," no matter whether the young gentleman offended someone else, or was offended. Sir Toby draws his sword on the newcomer, and then the cops show up, looking for Antonio.
Enter Officers (3.4.319) — As the Officers are busy identifying and arresting Antonio, Sir Andrew and Cesario (Viola in disguise) decide they really don't want to fight each other. Antonio, under arrest, asks for some of his money back. Cesario doesn't know what Antonio is talking about, but offers him half of what little he has. Antonio angrily denounces the ingratitude of "Sebastian" and is dragged off by the Officers.
Exit ANTONIO with Officers (3.4.373) — Viola (in disguise as Cesario) hopes that what Antonio said about "Sebastian" means that her brother is still alive. She rushes away. Meanwhile Sir Toby calls Fabian and Sir Andrew to him for a little talk.
Exit VIOLA (3.4.385) — Sir Toby and Fabian convince Sir Andrew that Cesario is a coward. Once he's gotten the idea that Cesario won't fight, Sir Andrew says he'll go beat up on him. Out he goes, followed by Fabian and Sir Toby, who is sure that, despite Sir Andrew's big talk, there's not going to be a fight after all.
ACT 4, Scene 1:
Enter SEBASTIAN and Clown (4.1.1) — The Clown has been sent by Olivia to get Cesario to come and speak with her, but Sebastian (who looks exactly like his twin, Viola, in her disguise as Cesario) won't admit that he is Cesario. The Clown is sarcastic with Sebastian; Sebastian is annoyed with the Clown.
Enter SIR ANDREW, SIR TOBY BELCH, and FABIAN (4.1.24) — Sir Andrew, thinking he has caught up with the cowardly Cesario, hits Sebastian. Sebastian hits Sir Andrew back and draws his dagger to defend himself against all the crazy people. Sir Toby grabs Sebastian's arm. The Clown runs away to report the goings-on to Olivia.
Exit Clown (4.1.32) — Sebastian breaks away from Sir Toby, draws his sword, and challenges him, who threatens Cesario (as Sir Toby thinks Sebastian is).
Enter OLIVIA (4.1.45) — Olivia, protecting her beloved Cesario (as she thinks Sebastian is), drives away Sir Toby and his two companions.
Exeunt SIR TOBY BELCH, SIR ANDREW, and FABIAN (4.1.52) — Olivia apologizes for Sir Toby and urges Sebastian (who she thinks is her beloved Cesario) to come into the house with her. Sebastian thinks he must be dreaming, but it's a very good dream, and he goes with Olivia.
ACT 4, Scene 2:
Enter MARIA and Clown (4.2.1) — At Maria's urging, the Clown puts on a gown and false beard in order to pretend to be Sir Topas, a priest visiting Malvolio. (The practical joke played on Malvolio has proceeded to the point at which Malvolio has been locked in a dark room because he is considered to be mad.)
Exit MARIA (4.2.4) — Alone, the Clown comments that he is not really suited to the role.
Enter SIR TOBY BELCH and MARIA (4.2.11) — The Clown teases Malvolio by pretending to be Sir Topas, a priest who is sure that Malvolio is possessed by a devil. Sir Toby approves of the Clown's performance, but tells him that he would like to find a way to get Malvolio released from his confinement, as he (Sir Toby) is already in a lot of trouble with Olivia. Sir Toby leaves, taking Maria with him.
Exeunt SIR TOBY BELCH and MARIA (4.2.72) — In his own voice—not that of "Sir Topas"—the Clown begins a song. Malvolio recognizes the voice of the Clown and pleads his case. Malvolio says that he is sane, but the Clown uses the voice of "Sir Topas" to reprimand himself for talking to a madman. After this is over, Malvolio asks the Clown for some light, ink, and paper, so that he can write a letter to Olivia. The Clown teases Malvolio some more by asking him about his madness, but he does agree to bring writing materials. The Clown ends the scene by singing a song suitable for a madman.
ACT 4, Scene 3:
Enter SEBASTIAN (4.3.1) — Sebastian thinks someone has gone mad; maybe it's him, or maybe it's the beautiful lady (Olivia) who is in love with him. However, he adds, he doesn't feel mad and she doesn't act mad, other than being crazy about him.
Enter OLIVIA and Priest (4.3.22) — Olivia asks Sebastian to be true to his promise to marry her. (It's assumed that he made that promise shortly before.) She wants him to come to a chapel with her and vow a betrothal to her before the priest. He agrees, and away they all go.
ACT 5, Scene 1:
Enter Clown and FABIAN (5.1.1) — The Clown has the letter that Malvolio wrote to prove that he really isn't mad. Fabian asks to see it. The Clown makes a joke, but doesn't let Fabian read the letter.
Enter DUKE ORSINO, VIOLA, CURIO, and Lords (5.1.8) — Duke Orsino asks the Clown and Fabian if they are members of Olivia's household. The Clown says they are and performs some of his verbal foolery for Orsino; Orsino tips him with a coin, and the clown begs a second and a third. The Clown gets the second coin, but not the third. Duke Orsino promises to give more if the Clown goes in and announces his arrival to Olivia. The Clown goes.
Exit Clown; Enter ANTONIO and Officers (5.1.50) — The police, having arrested Antonio, bringing him to Duke Orsino. Cesario (Viola in disguise) recognizes Antonio as the man who came to his/her defense when he was supposed to duel Sir Andrew, but says that Antonio talked to him in a very strange manner. Orsino recognizes Antonio as a brave foe in a sea battle, and asks him how he came to be in a place where he was likely to be arrested. Antonio replies that his problems are all the fault of the "boy" at Orsino's side (Antonio thinks "Cesario" is Sebastian). He followed the boy into Illyria, but when he was arrested, the boy turned Judas, pretending not to know him. Orsino asked when this happened. Antonio replies that it was that very day, and that he and the boy had been together continually in the preceding three months. Orsino says that Antonio must be mad, because the boy had been in his service for three months. Olivia comes into view, and Orsino orders the officers to put Antonio on hold.
Enter OLIVIA and Attendants (5.1.97) — Orsino accuses Olivia of cruelty for rejecting his love; he says that he knows that Cesario has taken the place in Olivia's affections that should belong to himself, and threatens to execute Cesario. Cesario (Viola in disguise) says that he will willingly sacrifice himself for the love of his master. Olivia accuses Cesario of disloyalty to her and sends for the priest. Orsino is about to take Cesario away, but Olivia calls Cesario "husband." Orsino is astounded; Cesario denies it; Olivia urges Cesario to have the courage to tell the truth.
Enter Priest (5.1.150) — Olivia tells the priest to say what has passed between herself and "this youth." The priest, thinking that Cesario (Viola in disguise) is Sebastian, says that the youth and Olivia are joined by "a contract of eternal bond of love." Orsino is outraged at Cesario for his lying and trickery; he says that Cesario can have Olivia, but should stay away from him. Cesario is about to swear his loyalty to Orsino, but Olivia demands that he should have loyalty to her.
Enter SIR ANDREW (5.1.172) — Sir Andrew, bleeding a bit from a scalp wound, asks for a surgeon to attend to Sir Toby, who has also been hurt. Olivia asks who has given the wounds. Sir Andrew says it was Cesario, and then he spots Cesario and whines that Cesario didn't have any reason to hurt him. Sir Andrew also says that if Sir Toby hadn't been drunk, he would have made a better showing in his fight with Cesario.
Enter SIR TOBY BELCH and Clown (5.1.192) — Sir Toby is limping, but he tries to shrug off the fact he's lost the fight. He asks for a surgeon to bandage his wounds, but learns that the surgeon has been drunk since eight that morning. Olivia tells the Clown and Fabian to take Sir Toby away, get his wound attended to, and put him to bed. Sir Andrew tries to assist Sir Toby, but Sir Toby calls him "ass-head" and a few other choice names.
Exeunt Clown, FABIAN, SIR TOBY BELCH, and SIR ANDREW; Enter SEBASTIAN (5.1.209) — Sebastian apologizes for hurting Sir Toby and says he acted in self-defense, but none of the others pay any attention to what he's saying; they're all amazed that he looks exactly like Cesario (Viola in disguise), who is also present. Soon Sebastian sees Cesario and is amazed, too. Sebastian and Cesario exchange information until they're both sure that they are the twins, Viola and Sebastian. Then Sebastian affirms his betrothal to Olivia, and Orsino claims Viola as his wife. Orsino wants to see Viola in her woman's clothes. Viola says that the sea-captain who has her clothes has been imprisoned because of a lawsuit brought by Malvolio. Olivia says that she'll have Malvolio release the man, and then remembers that she heard that Malvolio is "much distract."
Enter Clown with a letter, and FABIAN (5.1.281) — The Clown brings the letter that Malvolio wrote to prove his sanity. Olivia asks the Clown to read the letter. The Clown starts to read it as though he were a madman, so Olivia has Fabian read the letter. The letter states Malvolio's case very clearly, and Orsino observes that it doesn't sound like a madman's letter. Olivia tells Fabian to release Mavolio from his imprisonment and bring him to her.
Exit FABIAN (5.1.316) — Olivia offers to have the double wedding—of Orsino and Viola, and of herself and Sebastian—at her own house and her own expense. Orsino accepts the offer, then releases Cesario from "his" status as servant and welcomes Viola to her status as mistress of his heart.
Enter FABIAN, with MALVOLIO (5.1.327) — Malvolio, holding the letter that Maria wrote for him to find, insists that Olivia must have written it and indignantly asks why she would take part in such an outrageously abusive practical joke. Olivia explains that although the letter looks like hers, she is quite sure that Maria wrote it. Olivia adds that when the perpetuators are discovered, Malvolio will be the judge of his own case. Fabian then intervenes, saying that he wants to prevent the possibility of any future unpleasantness from ruining the present happiness. He confesses that he was in on the joke, and says that Sir Toby urged Maria to write the letter. He adds that Sir Toby has since married Maria. Fabian is of the opinion that the malice of the joke on Malvolio ought to be balanced against Malvolio's arrogance. Olivia expresses sympathy for Malvolio, but the Clown teases him and points out that what goes around comes around. Malvolio, cursing "the whole pack of you," storms out. Orsino says that they should pursue Malvolio because he has filed a lawsuit which has resulted in the imprisonment of the sea-captain who has Viola's women's clothes. As everyone (except the Clown) leaves, Orsino has a few words about how much he is looking forward to marrying Viola.
Exeunt all, except Clown (5.1.389) — The Clown sings a song about how life gets harder the older you get, and about how the rain comes down every day, and about how the world is very old and the play is over.