King Lear : Act 5, Scene 2

Alarum trumpet signal to advance | within i.e., from offstage over the stage —Cordelia, King Lear, and the French army are on the march. They all come out of one door and exit at the other, without a pause.
           Alarum within. Enter, with drum and
           colours, [the Powers of France] over the stage,
           CORDELIA [leading her father by the hand,]
           and exeunt.

           Enter EDGAR and GLOUCESTER.

father a term of respect for an elderly man—Edgar has not revealed that he is Gloucester's son. host shelterer
  1   Here, father, take the shadow of this tree
  2   For your good host; pray that the right may thrive:
  3   If ever I return to you again,
  4   I'll bring you comfort.

  5                                           Grace go with you, sir!

           Exit [EDGAR].

retreat trumpet signal to withdraw
           Alarum and retreat within. Enter EDGAR.

Away let's go
  6   Away, old man; give me thy hand; away!
ta'en taken captive
  7   King Lear hath lost, he and his daughter ta'en:
  8   Give me thy hand; come on.

  9   No farther, sir; a man may rot even here.

 10   What, in ill thoughts again? Men must endure
 11   Their going hence, even as their coming hither;
Ripeness is all —Edgar counters Gloucester's "rot" ("a man may rot even here"), by saying that it's all-important to await the proper time for death, as fruit falls from the tree only when ripe
 12   Ripeness is all: come on.

 13                                              And that's true too.