Angus, a Scottish nobleman

[This is an annotated list of all appearances and all mentions of Angus.]

"What a haste looks through his eyes! So should he look / That seems to speak things strange." (1.2.46-47), says Lennox about Ross, as Ross comes to tell the rest of the story of Macbeth's heroic victory over Scottish rebels and the King Norway. Angus accompanies Ross, but says nothing.      [Detailed Scene Summary]

"We are sent / To give thee from our royal master thanks" (1.3.100-101), says Angus to Macbeth. He and Ross have been sent to tell Macbeth that he is now Thane of Cawdor.      [Detailed Scene Summary]

O worthiest cousin!" (1.4.14) This is the King's greeting when he sees Macbeth. Banquo, Angus and Ross accompany Macbeth, but Angus and Ross have no lines in the scene.      [Detailed Scene Summary]

"Hoboys and torches. Enter King Duncan, Malcolm, Donalbain, Banquo, Lennox, Macduff, Ross, Angus, and Attendants " (1.6.1, s.d. ). Angus is in King Duncan's entourage when the King arrives at Macbeth's castle and is greeted by Lady Macbeth.      [Detailed Scene Summary]

"Near Birnam wood / Shall we well meet them; that way are they coming" (5.2.5-6), says Angus in a scene which shows Scottish forces on the march to join the English army for an assault on Macbeth. Angus and other Scotsmen comment on Macbeth's desperate situation.      [Detailed Scene Summary]

Drum and colours. Enter MALCOLM, SIWARD and YOUNG SIWARD, MACDUFF, MENTEITH, CAITHNESS, ANGUS, LENNOX, ROSS, and Soldiers, marching(5.4.1, s.d.). He says nothing, but Angus is with the joint Scottish and English forces that enter Birnam wood before Macbeth's castle.      [Detailed Scene Summary]

Although he is not named in the stage directions, Angus is probably among the thanes who are present at the end of the play, and who honor the victorious Malcolm by shouting "Hail, King of Scotland!" (5.8.60).      [Detailed Scene Summary]