Messenger in the Household of Macbeth

[It's not necessary for the same actor to appears in both of the scenes listed, but I think it would be appropriate, because in both scenes the messenger is just trying to do his job, but is met with angry abuse.]

"Thou'rt mad to say it!" (1.5.31) exclaims Lady Macbeth when the messenger tells her that King Duncan is coming to spend the night. The messenger might be a little bit surprised at this response to what should be glad tidings of a great honor. This messenger is a member of the household, who got his news from another, unseen, messenger who is exhausted from riding ahead of Macbeth.      [Detailed Scene Summary]

As Macbeth awaits battle with the forces under Malcolm, he receives news that his wife has died. Right after that, a messenger enters. Macbeth is not in a good mood, and says "Thou comest to use thy tongue; thy story quickly" (5.5.29). The messenger's story is that Birnam wood is moving. This news enrages Macbeth, and he calls the messenger a liar, but the messenger has enough backbone to make Macbeth believe his story.      [Detailed Scene Summary]