Muir, Kenneth. Shakespeare: The Great Tragedies.
London: Longmans, 1966.

Thesis: There is no thesis. The first paragraph of the section entitled "Macbeth" (31-38) concerns the reasons that scholars think the play may have been written to please King James; the second paragraph defends the Porter scene and then segues into a discussion of the clothes imagery. And so it goes, but not for long; the whole chapter takes up only four-and-a-half pages.

Evaluation: This slim book (56 pages, including bibliographies) has no natural audience. It's very brief, as though it were for beginners, but the subjects are not for beginners. For instance, in order to fully understand Muir's defense of the Porter scene, you have to understand the objections to it, but that seems to be something Muir thinks you must already know.

Bottom Line: An oddity.