Servant in the household of Macbeth

[This is an annotated list of all appearances and all mentions of the Servant.]

"They are, my lord, without the palace gate" (3.1.46), says Macbeth's servant, when Macbeth, newly crowned king, asks if certain men are waiting to talk with him. The servant fetches the two men, whom Macbeth sends to murder Banquo.      [Detailed Scene Summary]

"Is Banquo gone from court?" (3.2.1), Lady Macbeth asks a servant. He replies that he has, and then Lady Macbeth sends the servant to ask Macbeth to speak with her. It doesn't seem to matter whether this servant is or is not the same one who appeared in the previous scene.      [Detailed Scene Summary]

When a servant comes to announce the approach of the English forces, Macbeth shouts at him, "The devil damn thee black, thou cream-faced loon! / Where got'st thou that goose look?"(5.3.11-12). In this appearance the servant has a definite character: he is a very frightened boy.      [Detailed Scene Summary]