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Welcome to my web site, now under development for more than twenty years.   
-- Philip Weller, November 13, 1941 - February 1, 2021
Dr. Weller, an Eastern Washington University professor of English and Shakespearean scholar for more than 50 years.

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Shakespeare's Sonnet 127

  1    In the old age black was not counted fair,
  2    Or if it were, it bore not beauty's name;
  3    But now is black beauty's successive heir,
  4    And beauty slander'd with a bastard shame:
  5    For since each hand hath put on nature's power,
  6    Fairing the foul with art's false borrow'd face,
  7    Sweet beauty hath no name, no holy bower,
  8    But is profaned, if not lives in disgrace.
  9    Therefore my mistress' eyes are raven black,
 10    Her eyes so suited, and they mourners seem
 11    At such who, not born fair, no beauty lack,
 12    Slandering creation with a false esteem:
 13      Yet so they mourn, becoming of their woe,
 14      That every tongue says beauty should look so.

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