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Welcome to my web site, now under development for more than twenty years.   
-- Philip Weller, November 13, 1941 - February 1, 2021
Dr. Weller, an Eastern Washington University professor of English and Shakespearean scholar for more than 50 years.

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Shakespeare's Sonnet 33

  1    Full many a glorious morning have I seen
  2    Flatter the mountain-tops with sovereign eye,
  3    Kissing with golden face the meadows green,
  4    Gilding pale streams with heavenly alchemy;
  5    Anon permit the basest clouds to ride
  6    With ugly rack on his celestial face,
  7    And from the forlorn world his visage hide,
  8    Stealing unseen to west with this disgrace:
  9    Even so my sun one early morn did shine
 10    With all triumphant splendor on my brow;
 11    But out, alack! he was but one hour mine;
 12    The region cloud hath mask'd him from me now.
 13      Yet him for this my love no whit disdaineth;
 14      Suns of the world may stain when heaven's sun staineth.
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"Gilding pale streams with heavenly alchemy"

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