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Shakespeare's Sonnet 84

  1    Who is it that says most? which can say more
  2    Than this rich praise, that you alone are you?
  3    In whose confine immured is the store
  4    Which should example where your equal grew.
  5    Lean penury within that pen doth dwell
  6    That to his subject lends not some small glory;
  7    But he that writes of you, if he can tell
  8    That you are you, so dignifies his story,
  9    Let him but copy what in you is writ,
 10    Not making worse what nature made so clear,
 11    And such a counterpart shall fame his wit,
 12    Making his style admired every where.
 13      You to your beauteous blessings add a curse,
 14      Being fond on praise, which makes your praises worse.

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