Notes for Shakespeare's Sonnet 113


1. mine eye is in my mind: i.e., I see with my mind's eye.

2. that: the physical eye.   governs: guides.

3. part: divide.   his: its.   partly blind: The eye was supposed to have two functions: (1) to receive images and (2) to transmit them to the mind, so his eye performs the first function, but not the second.

4. out: out of order.

5. heart: mind.   For it no form delivers to the heart: i.e., I have no knowledge of the outside world.

6. latch: catch sight of.

7. his: its.   quick objects: fleeting perceptions

8. his: its.

10. favour: face.

12. feature: likeness.   shapes them to your feature: i.e., makes them resemble you.

14. true: constant.