Notes for Shakespeare's Sonnet 25


3. whom fortune of such triumph bars: i.e., whom fortune prevents from enjoying such a triumph.

4. Unlook'd for: unexpectedly. joy in: rejoice in, take joy in. that: that which.

6. But: only.

7. in themselves their pride lies buried: —I think this means the favorites of great princes have no honorable pride in themselves, no inner sense of self-worth.

8. a frown: i.e., the frown of the "great princes" who formerly favored the "favourites."

9. painful: i.e., enduring pain as they fight. fight: —Some editors retain the reading of the 1609 quarto, "worth," and in line 11 emend "quite" to "forth."

10. foiled: turned back, deprived of victory.

11. razed: erased, blotted out.

12. all the rest: i.e., the warrior's "thousand victories."